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frequently asked questions

  • What is the right age to sleep train my child?
    The minimum age that I will work with a family for sleep training is 4-months old OR 13 pounds. Beginning at 4-months of age, we know that children are developmentally and nutritionally ready! At the end of the day, there is no right or wrong age to sleep train your child; it's when you are ready and want to make a change in your life.
  • How do I connect with you?
    Easy! Let's connect via a quick 15-minute call where we can chat about your sleep struggles, and how I can support you. Please use the following link: Don't see a day & time that work for you? Let's connect via contact me page!
  • Do you use a cry it out method?
    No! I use a gentle approach where you will be present for your child while they are learning the skills to self-soothe. Tears and crying are expected during the program. I work with the family for the best approach that everyone is comfortable with.
  • Can I breastfeed and still sleep train?
    ABSOLUTELY! Once a child is at a healthy weight, I encourage parents to wean night feeds, but we work this into an age appropriate schedule to support nutrition!
  • Do you come to my house?
    I do offer in-person consultations as well as virtual. This allows for a more personal experience!
  • Will sleep training damage my bond with my child?
    No! You will be there for your child every step of the way, supporting them to learn to self-soothe. This can create a deeper bond with your child!
  • Can I room share & sleep train?
    YES! Don't feel that your child can't be sleeping in your room while you do sleep training. I offer suggestions on how to create a 'personal' space for your little one while they are still sharing a room.
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